Men’s/boys’ short-sleeved t-shirt. This is a high-performance t-shirt for tennis and padel tennis made with lightweight, hard-wearing and breathable fabric. It will facilitate the whole range of the tennis player’s movements so their game is not hindered in any way.

It has a crew neck made of an elastic-based fabric for freedom of movement.

This tennis and padel tennis t-shirt is made from lightweight, hard-wearing and breathable fabric. In the underarms, areas prone to sweating, Micro-Mesh System technology helps wick sweat away and keeps the tennis player’s skin cool at all times. This way there will be no discomfort and post-exercise cooling can be avoided. It also prevents the appearance of fungi that cause unpleasant odours.

The design is completed with contrasting pieces, with an eye-catching embossed finish on the chest area. Small waves stand proud of the base tissue fabric thanks to the embossed technique.

The Joma logo is embroidered for an elegant touch.

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